Saturday, February 17, 2018

The 9patch game continues

Now comes the block number 6 called Ribbon quilt. It was very easy to make.
Half square triangles and a square in the centre.

I have found an interesting tutorial here:

This is great if you want to have more Ribbon quilt blocks.
Probably one day I will give it a try.
The place of this block in the whole quilt is:

The number 7 is very common Greek square.

To be honest I am very sorry I have started this project as a Recycle project - I have collected some corduroy shirts. They are very colorful and nice to touch, but sewing them is a disaster for me. Some of them are very soft, some have 3% lycra. I am very punctual to cut and sew along the lines of the printed pattern. This block took me a tittle more time than sewing it with cotton fabrics.
Anyway like the final look.

I have googled this block and think that most beautiful result is Fresh Lemon Quilts color idea

 The previous blocks from the Game you can found HERE, Here,  hEre and heRe :)

Sunday, February 11, 2018

The game 9Patch

The game 9patch is almost to the end and I realized I haven't wrote any post after the third block.
This year I promise to be more organized.
Here is the block N4 (centre 9patch} and its place in the whole quilt.

The block Number 5 (Pinwheel variation) comes, too.

Here are some tips for sewing the star.

Once you prepare the star beams simply add to the other pieces of the 9patch block.

It is very important to look after the place of the beam :)
As you see I haven't looked.
Anyway - I like the result, so didn't rip.

Wait for the next blocks.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Tessellating Hearts pattern

I love tessellation. Each time I can combine shapes in tessellation mode I am happy.
One month ago started design an anniversary quilt.
What is the most suitable shape than a heart. But not common simply heart already known.
I think to change some of the hearts with pictures of the mutual life during all 20 years. 20 hearts for 20 Years.
When test the pattern I make a placemat. Fast and easy work.

It is based on 6 inches block.
The pattern is very versatile so you can add so many block you need to have the desired size.

 Great scrap buster, easy to sew.
The pattern is available at ETSY and CRAFTSY.

My quilt will be based on 12 inches block. It is easy to enlarge or I will add the measures for 10 and 12 inches blocks at the pattern soon.
Would be glad to see your comments down.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Four cushions

The last project from last year continued on the first of January was four cushions.
A friend of mine asked me to decorate hall where the main color is vanilla. The couch, the curtains, the carpet, even the walls. It looks nice, but without any accent.
I made the cushion corresponding to the doors of the cupboard and used rests from the curtains.

"The Steps of the court" have the same look even the stripes makes an angular feeling.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

The quilt - Hours before Christmas

Since my last post I was involved to create two quilts for Christmas.
Working on them was a real challenge for me.
Love the final result.

24 blocks as the days before Christmas, 12 clock faces as the hours of the day, 12 clock faces as the hours of the night. Each hour is so different.

After making the design I began follow the idea.
Collected  all white, green, red fabrics I have in my stash. Then added the gold printed ones.
I ordered them on the bed - almost 140. There are satin, taffeta, velvet, cotton fabrics.

First I began to make each block paper foundation. After sewing the second one I remembered about freezer paper. It was a perfect idea. - the work began going much easier.

Then I have made the second quilt.

 After sewing all the blocks I collected them and began thinking of quilting.

It has to be light and air.
I found a golden thread - perfect addition to the project.

The half of the blocks are with such star, the rest with different.

Final balance 22 white fabrics, 28 red and green, 2 golden - for the bindings.
I am satisfied.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Make a tote from dyed fabrics - tutorial

Many times I wanted dying shibori. Last week I have red about dying with turmeric and fast go to try it.
I got a piece of fabric (recycled sheets) and some elastics and threads, put on gloves and began.

It was deep yellow right after dying, but when washed it became orange. This is the result after drying out.
I liked shibori so make another piece with blue paint for cotton fabrics.

Trimmed  the pieces to 12x16 inches. Chose a striped fabric for inside - cut two rectangles the same size.

Stitch the yellow piece with first piece of lining right sides together on one short side and iron the seams open.

Fold along the seam, stitch with proper thread and pin to quilt together.

Repeat with the blue piece.

Make an inside pocket.

 For handles I chosen pink. Cut 3 inch stripes, fold and stitch. Fix to the bag.

Place both quilted parts right sides together and stitched - first by machine then by serger, Turned out and ironed.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Birmingham quilt festival

I was there!
For two days!
I have participated in Modern category with the quilt "Eye Ghosting"!
As I was searching for inspiration for the theme of Reflection, I came upon many different ideas – from most common mirror images to physical diffraction.
The most impressive picture was the eye ghosting vision after LASIK surgery.
The temporary double vision or ghosting images during the normal six-month healing period tend to be caused by an irregularity in the cornea.
The ability to see is a miracle. Having myopia, I totally understand the problem of ghosting vision.
The reflections of the eye chart are made by appliqu├ęd fused fabrics and ironed painted transfer paper.
Machine quilting with grey ombre and white threads.

What a perfect time!
An amazing quilt festival in Birmingham captured all my senses. The exhibitions, sewing machines, tools, fabrics, workshops and meetings. I am truly satisfied.
I am sure anyone has seen many pictures from exhibition.
I have taken some :)

Have you heard - the dates were announced - from the 9th-12th August 2018 . 
Till next year!