Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Don't tie a bow tie

I was challenged to make a bow tie.
Till now I have many attempts to sew different clothes and accessories.
Creating unique dresses is pleasant and funny hobby.

This bow tie is not classical one - you have not to be an expert in tying.
It is ready to wear. The closure is with velcro.

It was very easy to sew - you will be finish in less than an hour.
I wander to write a pattern. Are you interested?

Thursday, September 22, 2016

In the beginning there was a Rose

Sometimes I finish my works very fast - at once - for some days.
Sometimes it took me months to find the perfect result.
But anyone has his UFO's, have you?
I am so proud when found these stripes to frame my rose boarder from Road home Row along.
I think they are gorgeous - the rose as a piece of endless ancient boarder.

Now it is on my design wall waiting for inspiration for quilting design.
Do you have any suggestions?

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Wall pocket organizer

All emotions about my participating in Road Home Row along are in the past and I played yesterday with a wall organizer for dear friends of mine.
I have some leftovers from worn jeans and began cut and sew spontaneous.
Pockets - they have to be on the wall organizer.
Two of them I used direct from the jeans.
The third one was made very fast and easy from a piece of organza and a piece of batik fabric.
To prevent fraying of organza I burned the edge by a soldering iron.

The closer view.

There are left the buttons only from this pairs of jeans, but I have idea to use them, too.
Visit here soon to see this project.
Happy sewing!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Road Home Row along - my tribute

Have you heard about this Row Along? Is started on 6 of September! Each blogger will share the row as free pattern so you could collect all of them. Amy  from Sew Incredibly Crazy helps Marian in this adventure.
Visit here for the schedule and don't forget to check for the giveaways.Cross my finger!

When received an invitation from Marian  from Seams to be Sew to to enter the Blog Hop Road Home Row Along   I have no doubt about my decision.
One month before I had created quilts for a contest in my country. The theme was Traditions so I had many ideas to share.
My country is famous with rose fields and rose oil produced from the flowers.The roses were embroidered on the clothing in the past. There are many table runners designed with tapestry of roses on them.
I always interested in crossing over different crafts - this time cross stitching and patchwork. So designed this rose block.

This block is very versatile - collecting some of them you can use as a boarder.

You can rotate and stitch together.

Make a mirror image is another possibility.

Sewing a block is easy with using a fusible interfacing grid.
If you have no specialized shop for such grid the easiest way to prepare this block is to print some sheets with 1,5 inch squares and use common fusible interfacing.

Cut and stick so many to have a grid 12 x 24.

Place the finished paper sheet with a grid under a piece of fusible interfacing (keep in mind that glue side has to be up)

Now cut the white, green and red squares.

Ordered the small pieces according diagram on a fusible interfacing with little help of glue stick

When all pieces are on their places iron well. If you have not a big table order on the carpet, or order and iron on sections.

Then sewing each vertical fold, trim and iron seam allowances open.
Then stitched horizontally seams, trim and iron.
Elizabeth Hartmann from Oh Franson shared very detailed tutorial.

I wander how to finish it - adding a frame and make a wall hanging or finish as a table runner.
What do you think?

The pattern is available via my Craftsy shop, FREE through end of October 2016.
All quilters, non CRAFTSY member, don't worry!
HERE is the same pattern , absolutely FREE!

Once again:
The Road Home Row Along Schedule

If you are starting at my blog, I'd highly recommend you read this post. It will give you all of the details of this Row Along, the giveaway parameters, etc. I hope you enjoy this event!

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October 11
Show N Tell Day
Do not post the below, it’s for private observation at the moment since we may have more bloggers or we may have less.
October 11
Show N Tell Day

Thanks so much for stopping by!
I look forward to seeing what you do with this.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Featured and proud

What a week has began!
Last night I have seen that project "Where do you come you from"  where I participated in took part at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham.
Visit the site Quilt-around-the-world  to read detailed steps of the project that took more than one year and has involved quilters from more than 83 countries.

Today I was featured at QQQ Etsy Team on Facebook.
Each week they present different quilter. Come and take a look at my designs.
If you visit my ETSY shop you can also buy the block which introduce my country. I have made it for this huge group quilt consist of blocks from 85 countries.

Great news! I am happy and satisfied.

Friday, August 26, 2016

A tote with dual handles

As I mentioned in my previous post I have too much colorful pieces leftovers from men's swimming shorts.
Sewing another tote was very fast after having made a summer tote already.
But choose a proper color for the addition fabric was a funny task that took me more than one hour.
I have ordered on my table many combinations.

I have tried even checked fabric.

 Finally I decided on dark blue. I have followed all the steps except creating handles.

Here I made them using fabric loops and inserted the stripe into the loop.

Then stitched both ends together.

Such way you have a short handle (doubled) and a long one (single)

To fix them I have stitched velcro tape.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Summer tote at the seaside

I was given a big quantity of pieces leftovers from men's swimming shorts. They are colorful, amazing prints but strange shapes. Some of them are small narrow stripes, some has curved sides.
I have ordered on my table, dreamed a while and gather back in the box.
Three months or more I have no concrete idea.
One morning I got a pile of them. They are almost rectangle so I stitched two along the longest side.

I was not satisfied and insert a narrow blue stripe between.

What ate they use for?
Is it possible to make a tote?
Collect 4 of them, add thin batting and quilted. Trim to a square 15" (38 cm)

Attach a zipper pocket was very easy.
Cut two rectangles and stitch them like cushion leaving two inches opening and turn over.

 Stitch the first side of a zipper and prepare two felt pieces to cover both ends.

 Place on  the quilted back and stitch the pocket and the second (upper) side of the zipper.

 Attach the felt pieces.

The finished look.

Cut a stripe 45" long and 5" wide for side and bottom.
Place the stripe on the right side of the quilted square and stitch first side to a quarter inch to the edge and backstitch.
Forget to take a picture :)

Clip the stripe to make the corner and easy lay on the bottom side and stitch the same way.

Look how it looks on the front side

Repeat the same for the next side.
If you have exceed stripe trim it. It is better to have exceed fabric than run out.
Make the same steps with second quilted piece.
Now comes the lovely step for each quilter when the work is almost finished - the binding.
Yes, you heard properly. What does it mean to bind a tote?
If you have a serger one possible action is to sew and prevent fraying.
But binding the edges is more secure and the only possible variant without serger.
Use one inch stripe non folded.
Make as you usually make a quilt binding - the corners like the quilt's corners.

The second seam  - I don't care too much where goes the needle, but it is a good practice for the real quilt binding..

Make binding the same way at the upper side, too.
Now come the handles.
I found this beautiful synthetic rope.
Cut two pieces - 25 inches (64 cm) each and burned the ends by a lighter.
Stitch firmly on the tote and add buttons to hide the ends.

As a real summer tote I bring her at the seaside and took some pictures there.